Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I thought Osama has been dead???

I thought Osama Bin A-hole has been dead for a long time?? Owell, I guess i dont pay too much attention to the news. The only news I read is when someone is knocked up or having the worst day ever via facebook. But I couldnt help but give two shits when EVERYONE on my friends listen is all "OSAMAS DEAD!". I dont want to say that I dont care, but I think people are being stoopid about it. Theres so much more going on in the world to be concerned about, like Kim Kardashian finally getting an engagement ring, barf.

What really kind of made me uneasy about this was the media coverage that came along with the death of this dude. Like, remember on 9/11 when the terrorists attacked NY??? Then, like maybe a day later, theyre burning american flags and we were all pretty pissed off and wanting revenge, am i right? So how hypocritical is it that after america assassinated their leader were gathered outside of the white house with flags and signs that say "God bless America." Wait, God frowns upon killing, doesnt he??

Yes, Yes he does. Now im not going to site verses from the Bible or tell you what I think is wrong or right, but there is nothing i dislike more than a hypocritical A-hole. I watched the news for literally 3 minutes, and got disgusted and turned that crap off, peoples views on facebook are alot more entertaining then some reporter who should be on his deathbed and cant pronounce Saudia Arabia.

I saw a lot of people saying "Give Obama another term." Uhm no thank you, I think we need a "Change" from him. Watching him talk makes me bored, and I dont like how he is taking credit for this capture. The military(who he was not going to pay last month) did all the hard work while he sat back thinking about his next vacation to Hawaii. Blah. Well I guess i shouldnt talk too much smack about him considering i didnt vote, it was a lose/lose situation anyway, do you blame me??

Well this is my blog and im stickin to it. Tchao!

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