Friday, April 22, 2011

Do you have a license for that baby?

I've always thought that people under the age of 80 should need a license to reproduce, and if they are unable to obtain one of these cards they should be forced on birth control or have their lady parts removed.. A little harsh, but I feel like alot of the world money problems would be solved, now im not a world leader or anything and i have no experience in politics. I mean, just look at half the girls getting pregnant today. America alone spends 6.9 BILLION dollars yearly to make sure these girls babies are fed and taken care of. 6.9 billion dollars. HOLY shit. So, our military was about to miss a paycheck because the government is in debt, yet little Sally, who doesnt work, was still receiving her food stamps and welfare checks. Way to go, America. That seems fair. I need to be president, yeah right.

Anyway, Im doing this blog upon request, the topic they wanted was "moms that party too much" and i realize i got off topic in the above paragraph, so I will get back on track to please my audience.

While I see so many mothers who are posting on facebook about "going out" this weekend, its really whatever to me, I take care of my nugget and if they dont, then they have to go to sleep at night (after downing a bottle of cheap vodka) with that on their concious. BUT it gets annoying and redundant when its the same girls over and over who are going out to bars and having to be carried out from being so piss drunk. Where is your child?! You said "Hello" to responsibility when you spread those vicious thighs, so how about we buck up young soldier and instead of posting how you love your child on facebook, you actually walk the walk and make some sacrifices that most of us do DAILY because we dont have family to push our kids on and we dont have mommys money to spend on alcohol. I guess what I'm trying to say is. Grow up.

I saw one of my mom facebook friends (i will not say names), but they even went as far to post a bottle of alcohol on their facebook and said something like her "night is good now that she had the bottle" or something like that. If that completes your night then I am sorry that your life is that empty and meaningless that alcohol completes it. GUH WHERE IS YOUR BABY LICENSE?!

As most of you know, i recently turned 21, and yes I went out, but last time I checked, that was my 6th time since chunk was born that I used a babysitter. Did I get wasted? Nope. I had my fair share of drinks but I knew in the back of my head that I had to wake up early and take care of chunk. So I cut myself off unlike any other newly 21 year old. Then we went home, put chunk in bed, and went to bed ourselves. Woke up the next day, no hangover + happy baby =happy mommy :)

Another thing that irks me, is that most of the teenage moms act as if they are the first person to experience a fussy baby or a shit-up-the-back diaper. SHUUUT UP. Such drama queens. All they do is whiiine whine about how tough their lives are... Uhhh sex can lead to making babies, unless you were raped then it was a choice, YOUR choice. Ever heard "dont be silly, wrap your willy" or "no ringy, no dingy"?? Obviously not.

Well my conclusion is QUIT AIRING YOUR BUSINESS OUT ON FACEBOOK! No on cares, everyone talks shit about the whiney moms, even the people without kids because they see most of us doing juuust fine and then theres those few who can shut up about how bad their kid is being so they cant clean their house, or that their baby wont stop screaming and just go to sleep, well get off facebook and go feed/rock/play with your kid! If theyre screaming as bad as you say they are, then somethings not right! GUH, i could go on this topic forever, but its lunch time, so i gotta wake up chunk and love every bit of being with him, even if he does enjoy occasionaly whipping ham from his sandwich at the back of my leg. ;)


  1. Agreed, having a few miscarriages I feel that people these little lives for granted and use them for a welfare check! Also ya gotta love the facebook posts that say "just woke up" at 1pm! What the heck were there kids doing all those hours? Who fed them? Who changed them? Who kept them safe and out of harms way??? INSANE! Your a good Mama Livi! :)

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog, girlie! You're such a great writer, and so grounded! You've got some great points, and great topics, going ... keep it up!