Thursday, April 21, 2011

You got one of those baby genius's dont you?

Okay, so i've been super annoyed lately by people thinking their 1-3 month old's are smarter than a 5th grader. Well Im here with my own opinion and a few facts.

Oh, so your 5 week old is watching Mickey and getting into it eh? Babies eyes dont focus on things til they are 6-8 months and @ 2 months your baby cant distinguish colors. (google it). Sooo either I think youre enjoying the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or you're one of those show-off retarded parents, either way, no one cares..

Oh so now youre 5 month old waits for daddy to come home and screams DADA by the door exactly @ 4pm? Really? Your kid can tell time?? Tell them to teach my almost 20 month how to tell time so MAYBE that would kick his ass in gear and we could be more punctual to playdates. couldnt hurt, right? AND Your kid can say dada?! Oh wait, thats normal, because EVERYTHING is dada the floor, the dog, a banana even YOU are called dada. Baby ramblings, tends to happen, quit being stoopid.

Aww your baby didnt cry while sitting on Santa's lap? My kid must be a grade-A sissy then. Orrrr. your kid is 2 months old and has no idea what the eff is going on. Chunk hated Santa and the Easter bunny, probably because he's smart beyond his years and know that he's picking up a bad whiff of second hand smoke from the bunny, and santa smells like cheap whiskey. 

I just wish moms could be less annoying. Especially teenage moms. When did you become mom of the year? When you promised yourself you'd stop doing keg-stands after you were 4 months pregnant cause no one could pick your fatass up? Im all for reading about your childs development as long as you dont ramble about how smart your baby is. Its one thing to be proud, its another to be ignorant.

Well I shall sign out on that note. If you feel that any of these situations pertain to you, it might. I dont care. I only write about people who I have at least once had to block their status updates and pictures because they were THAT annoying. But time to go teach my chunk some long division so he can keep up with his younger generation;)

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  1. Ah-fricken-men!! Lol This baby hasn't even popped out yet, and I have already vowed not to be one of those moms..