Thursday, April 21, 2011

Before I retire for the night...

I decided to write in this "e-journal" yet again. I dont know why, but this blogging business is fun! Anyway, today was the same as every other day. Tony left for work, Chunk woke me up and 9am, Momma, awa(water), awa, momma. so we changed the peepee dipey and trotted our bootays downstairs. Got Chunk his awa, so I didnt get the silence treatment first thing in the a.m. WHAT a relief! Anywho, we danced around the playroom a.k.a my dining room which we have constructed into the playroom since military housing isnt huge (unless you have 2 kids, maybe ill pop out another chunk so we get the nice housing ;) juuuust kidding). Anyway, Chunk lined up his tater tots that he had for lunch on the carpet, and apparently that was the racetrack for his hotwheels. I wanted to be mad, but thats actually a pretty smart thing to do, so i let it slide. PLUS we have 2 fleabags that ate the racetrack, chunk was pissed, but justice was served.

Boner is playing video games as usual, some japanese ninja thing on the wii... I really wish he had a real hobby, like working out or cleaning ;). I hope chunk doesnt think its okay to play video games all day. I will kick his booty outside. Who am I kidding? When we go back to Indiana my dad will have him outside with 2 gloves and a baseball playing catch and doing batting practice against grandpa's garage like I used to back in the day. If it wasnt one sport, it was another, kept me in shape and out of trouble (most of the time), so I really cant complain. Life was good when I was a kid, sometimes I miss those days. I was always out in the yard playin football, pitching to my dad, playing tennis in the street with my dad (which ended up me chasing down the ball because we looked like a bunch of helen kellers out there). Gahh I miss home, Im sad that chunk is missing out on everything back there. Everyone would spoil the shit out of him (not that they already dont). But it was nice growing up in good old Indiana. ahh the memories....

Well Boner wants me to play kinect with him, Barf. But i will since ive been a bitch all day, and I guess he's entitled to it, or so he says. Whatever. Will post more tomorrow night. Night.

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